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How To Start Making Money With Decked Media Dashboard 

1) Click here to sign up.

2) Please wait for an email that says your account has been approved for posting with your unique UTM ID (the average wait time is 1-24 hours).

3) Once you've logged in, click on the "Advertiser Rates" tab for the current day’s estimated rates / CPM.

The rates for each advertiser will either be based on pageviews or sessions. 

4) You can grab links to post in two different ways.

4a) The first is by visiting our selection under "Links" --> "Viral Links" 

4b) The second way is by going to the website directly, grabbing one of their links, and placing it in our "URL Generator"

5) Place the link with your custom UTM ID in a tweet, on your story, in your bio, etc. 

We recommend you make your own creative that works with your account, below are some inspirations. 

6) Check your home page frequently to see your earnings. Earnings are estimated and finalize after 1-2 business days.

Your dashboard will update every 30 minutes with new reports (some advertisers may take longer to refresh).

You ready to start? 



When will I get paid? We pay out NET30 through PayPal automatically based on your statistics in the dashboard. You may reach out to us to customize this, we may or may not be able to accommodate.


Can you help me find the best performing content for my account? Yes, contact us and we will get you the most recent top performing links based on our data available. You can also request our default images created by Decked Media for you to use, but we’ve seen higher performance based on the influencer generating their own original creative based on their account. Using other influencers creatives results in immediate ban without pay. 


Can I have multiple UTM IDs? Yes, send us an email with how many you need and we will provide those for you. You would want multiple UTM IDs for having separate profiles you want to track statistics & earnings for, either you have your own separate profiles or you’re helping other influencers generate revenue. 


Do you have referral program? Yes, we know you may have a lot of friends who are also influencers. You can have them sign up with your username as the referral and we'll pay you 5% of their total earnings for life.